I'm Robert Terrell, an abstract artist. I create abstract art, installations, and functional art (tables). I display and sell of my art and artworks on this website, and by commission. The kinds of art I create are part of my overall abstract art process. Not all the art I create is strictly abstract, but it falls into the same sort of thinking process that would be called abstract, generally. All art inquiries are welcomed (that relate to my abstract thought and work processes) even if they don't quite fit into neat categories. My abstract art spans wide genres, easily accomodating many projects outside the usual boundaries, whatever those might be.


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About Me
I've been drawing, painting, and constructing art all my life. This has given me a broad base of artistic and practical experience in the art world, including selling art in galleries, directly to the public, and over the internet.

As a working artist I have had solo and group art shows. As an artist working, I've had various art related "day jobs." Currently I work at Texas Tech University School of Art as the gallery lighting tech... more

About My Artwork
I often use strong lines and minimally modulated colors in my artwork. A superficial reading of my intentions might lead one to assume I am simply "cartooning," or creating whimsical art. Yes, I have sometimes heard these statements, yet nothing could be further from the truth. I find some cartoons, comic strips and comic books quite interesting and some not very interesting at all. In the final analysis my creative sensibilities are those of an artist, not a cartoonist ...

"An impressive site in content, design and functionality. I have never seen so much of your work or in such a volume all at once and it is truly incredible to see everything you have done. Your brain explodes with creativity. It is too bad the web is not a 3D medium, because people would really be able to get the full scope of how wonderfully inventive your artwork is. They will just have to order it to see."       
     Jim Chadwick...

"[Robert] has an expert aesthetic eye that allows for both classical and astonishing aesthetic. His work concerns, variously, relationship in every way, mathematical, interpersonal, physical, intellectual, emotional, and philosophical. And Robert weaves in his love of physical science including geology, meterology, and physics. He has long been inspired by the relationship of physics to philosophy as evidenced in popular publications about physics such as "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukov and "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra. No less is he influenced by the concept of the "transpersonal web" of mind/body/physics espoused by Fred Alan Wolf."
     Cindy Ertner...

"There's still time to change the road you're on..."
  - famous Zeppelin quote (Led)