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I was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1953. I was already a driven artist by first grade, as much as could possibly be. I had little idea of what art was all about, didn't know any techniques, and didn't have any supplies except crayons and kids watercolors. But one day in class I worked on a crayon drawing with an intensity that was quite surprising, and my first grade teacher was quite impressed. She held it up in front of the entire class, and my artist's ego was born for 5 minutes . . . THEN, she said she was going to keep it and show it to her other classes. I was too little, and afraid of adults to object, but I wanted to, since I'd barely gotten to look at my own artwork that I had REALLY worked hard on and really struggled to get just right. So... my first taste of art success and disaster, in a 5 minute period. And, I never told my parents a word of any of it, which was the smart little artist knowing when to keep his mouth shut.

After that, I had few real successes, and mostly felt low self-confidence. Free kid's classes, etc. didn't help much at all, and school art didn't either until finally in college I began to find my artistic footing. My studio fine art degree in painting and drawing didn't land me a job in real folks land, but after a couple of years of working on my "style" I got enough pieces of wall sculpture together to create a body of work that I was confident enough to begin approaching galleries in Houston, TX, where my wife and I lived (1985). Kauffman Gallery loved my art me and I found some good success with their gallery. Then a few years later, Goldesberry Gallery in Houston began selling my work.

Now it's quite a few years later. I'm not making wall sculptures anymore. My back issues have ruled such art out after 35 years. I've been painting on canvas with acrylic paint again for about 8 years. It's good to be a 2D painter once more, I'm finding...

Artist Statement

According to Francis Bacon, the job of the artist is to "deepen the mystery." During the lifetime of this blog, from 2003 until now, and before, because I got into my first gallery in Houston, in 1985, I've written, rewritten, and overwritten I don't know how many artist statements. I would try, sometimes, to sound art knowledgeable, smart, funny, sincere, just about every way. Now, I've run out of "ways" to write an artist statement that I can stand to read afterwards, usually. So now, again, I sit at the computer, trying to come up with words to describe what I'm doing as I sit, or stand, in front of a canvas with a brush and some paint. Wouldn't you think it would be easy to do this after being an artist for 60+ years? It still not so simple, or easy. Conveying in words what is primarily a visual experience is not simple, at all. But to keep it simple is a worthy goal. So... Long, long pause . . . If you look at my older work you'll see mostly wall sculptures. That period is over now, mostly. My back delivered the message several years ago. For several years now I've been painting with acrylic paints on canvas, materials that harken back to my art school days in the 1970s. Those were good, and productiver times for me, overall. But I do miss the building process. Anyway, now my creativity is back to two-dimensional, though I obviously use various painterly means to "fake" three-D reality. This was not in vogue too much in art school, and so I went almost full blown minimal, abstract, and non-objective. This was good for me, even though I often started my pieces from an landscape mindset, often as minimal as the West Texas landscape where I lived - a straight line bifurcation of "land and sky" on the canvas. And, to further clarify, I'm not really trying to paint ideas, feelings, thoughts, things, but in performing a visual alchemy, hopefully that will create an amalgam of "near recognizability."

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy at is very simple. Your email address & any and all information you share here on the website with me will not be sold or shared with any third party ever. I value your presence here, when you do visit this website and wI value your privacy. It's becoming more difficult to maintain one's privacy online and I will do my small part to help.

To that end, this website runs on a secure channel similar to the one you use whenever you pay for something online. The data transmitted from this website to yours and back is encrypted. So that's an important way to maintain your privacy. And if you look up at the very top of your browser (where the address of our website is located), you'll see a small lock just to the left of our domain name - at the top of the browser which is a website security lock. There are several security parameters being maintained in order for this website to get the lock designation. Go ahead and click on the lock to see our security settings :)

I have done my best to create a safe browsing website. I care about the security of your personal data while you're browsing and enjoying my art here, and I hope you'll enjoy your visit and return to see my new art from time to time. Thanks for your interest ...
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